Friday, November 25, 2016

Mango Custard

Hello all.....hope you are doing well. Few days back we arranged a small get together at our home. Get togethers are always full of fun and having it over a weekend is like "FUN-TASTIC". It's always good to have your friends and family around. Thanks to the weekend parties and potlucks; these are certainly very refreshing and a good way to rejuvenate yourself.

I planned an elaborate menu for the get-together which included:
Chicken Chaap
Mango Custard 

In case you are interested to know the recipes just click the names and you'll be redirected to that page. Although I don't have the recipe of Chicken Chaap but sooner or later I would like to share that delectable dish from Kolkata a niche in my blog. 

Coming back to today's recipe i.e. Mango Custard. We all love mangoes and you can find out my love for mangoes in my blog too. I have so many recipes made out of the "King of Fruits". Usually custard is a cooked mixture of milk/cream and egg yolk; it's consistency can vary from thin pouring sauce to a thick pastry cream. The cooking option also varies. But, the method I used is very hassle free and crowd pleasing too.

Personally, I think nothing can beat the flavor of Mangoes so I never do any tampering with it. I just used Mango puree to prepare this custard, if you want you may add fresh fruits of your choice too.

Let's begin with the recipe:


1. Milk: 500 ml +100 ml
2. Custard Powder: 2 tbsp
3. Mango Puree: 2 cups
4. Sugar: 1/2 cup (Adjust to your requirement)


1. Pour the milk (500 ml) in a heavy bottomed pan along with sugar and let it come to boil on medium heat.

2. Take the remaining (100 ml) of milk in a bowl and add the custard powder and mix well so that no lumps are formed.

3. When the milk starts boiling pour the milk-custard powder mixture in it very carefully. Stir continuously. Let the mixture cook for around 5-6 mins or until thickens.

4. Remove the mixture from heat, add mango puree and mix well.

5. Pour the mixture in serving bowl or individual serving moulds/ glasses. Refrigerate the custard for around 3-4 hours.

6. Before serving garnish it with fruits of your choice or with whipped cream as I did.


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